I was born in Les Cases d’Alcanar, Tarragona in 1983. I grew up in a family of artists, sports enthusiasts and photographers which had let me to a creative and dynamic style. Since six years old I have been in sports being motocross former. Later I became elite cyclist rider achieving great results in both specialities in Catalan and Valencian Championships. In 2004 I achieved first position in Spanish Keirin track Championship and Scratch 15th place in European Championship.

  • Photographer, Video Producer. Photography director in Cinema. 
  • Motocross and Track Cycling Champion. Now I practice several sports as a hobby.
  • Catalan, Spanish and English speacking. Actually I am learning German.

My experience within photography and video goes back to adolescence when for the first time I discovered my parents SLR camera which still keep. Aftewards I started working mainly in the regions of south  Catalonia, northern Valencia and Ipswich, Suffolk county in England. Few years ago I moved to the UK to improve my English and pursue my love for photography, art and inspiration working as photographer, video producer and eventually as posters designer. I studied photography direction in cinema.

In my work the aim is to explore what lies beyond the surface, showing everything that surrounds us daily in a personal way. Wanting to get the audience to respond to the emotions that evoke each of my ideas. Behind my vision, my projects documented interaction with subjects and models, myself and the viewer.

AboutVictor Seguí